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How to Adjust to Implant Dentures

October 6, 2022

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Woman smiling with dentures

If you’re missing teeth, you know just how challenging it can be to complete daily tasks, like chewing your food, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence. There are several different life-changing tooth replacement methods out there, like dentures. However, many patients get sick of the drawbacks. Fortunately, dental implant dentures offer a longer-lasting and more comfortable solution. It will take some time for you to adapt, but many find it is well worth the wait. Here’s what you should know.

How Long Does It Take to Adjust to Implant Dentures?

The amount of time that it takes to adjust to implant dentures is different for everyone. Some people tend to get used to their restoration quickly, while others take longer to become accustomed. If you’ve suffered from tooth loss for a prolonged period of time without using dentures, your adjustment period is likely to be longer. For most patients, it will take several weeks to adapt to their new smiles.

5 Tips to Get Accustomed to Your Implant Dentures

Here are a handful of tips that can help to make your adjustment period go more smoothly:

  • Practice Speaking: Many patients feel insecure when they begin talking with their restored smile. However, the more often you practice speaking, the quicker you will get used to enunciating clearly. Try reading out loud and spending extra time saying words that are more difficult for you to pronounce. Practice makes perfect!
  • Stick to Softer Foods: There may be some soreness involved when you first get your dentures. Start out with a softer diet. Slowly introduce foods that are more difficult to eat. You’ll be enjoying your favorite foods again soon enough without a problem.
  • Stay Hydrated: Water helps to wash away bacteria and food particles by increasing your saliva production. Ultimately, it will help to decrease your risk of oral health issues in the future.
  • Limit Sugar Consumption: Excessive sugar consumption can damage the gums and increase your risk of dental implant failure.
  • Excellent Oral Hygiene: Keep up with consistent brushing and flossing. Even if you don’t have any existing natural teeth remaining, you are still at risk for gum disease and other oral health issues.

Getting used to your new smile will require patients, but with some time and effort, you will be showing off a complete smile with pride in no time!

About the Practice

At OraBell Dental Implant Centers, our team consists of a restorative and cosmetic dentist, a board-certified periodontist, and a board-certified endodontist, so patients can rest assured that they’re in good hands! For more information on implant dentures or to schedule a consultation at our office in Van Nuys, visit our website or call (818) 392-5816.

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