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Do Dental Implants Alert Metal Detectors?

March 15, 2022

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People going through airport metal detector

When you have dental implants, you know their benefits firsthand. Thanks to them, you’re able to use replacement teeth great for smiling, chewing, and speaking. Even so, you may still have concerns. Specifically, you might wonder, “Will dental implants set off metal detectors?” If they do, that could cause conflict with airport security. Fortunately, your false teeth shouldn’t set off alarms. To learn more, here’s a summary of how metal detectors work, why some think implants trigger them, and why implants actually don’t.  

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors work by creating a magnetic field around you in pulses. These pulses then generate a natural echo, which the sensor turns into a reading.

When a metal object passes through the detector, the magnetic field created by the machine causes another one in the metallic thing. This second field changes the echo the device expects to hear, creating one larger and longer than usual.

When the echo shifts, the machine senses that you’re carrying something metallic.

Why Some Think Implants Set Them Off

You may know that dental implants have a titanium post as a base. They use this material because it’s the only metal that can fully fuse with bone. Consequently, it’s also used in prosthetics and surgeries.

Given their metallic titanium, you might conclude an implant would make a second magnetic field in the detector. Plus, the idea fits with earlier reconstructive materials. Many of these were once stainless steel, a metal that sets off all kinds of metal detectors.

Implants (Usually) Don’t Set Them Off

Surprisingly, dental implants don’t set off metal detectors. Specialists generally believe this is because they’re small, insulated, and made of a hard-to-detect metal.

Take their titanium base, for instance. Some believe it doesn’t generate strong enough magnetic fields to register. On the other hand, metals like iron, nickel, steel, and cobalt-chromium do.

However, there are exceptions. Some airports have technology that detects even the smallest amounts of metal. In those cases, don’t be surprised. Just explain that you have implants and get an added pat-down. It isn’t a big deal.

Dental implants shouldn’t cause much trouble for your smile or an airport’s metal detector. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your local dentist.

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