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If you have an infected tooth, you need a root canal to save it. With state-of-the-art treatments and techniques, Dr. Idan Snapir performs pain-free root canals to save teeth and help maintain the structural integrity of your whole mouth. For a pain-free root canal treatments go to The Dental Smile Center in Van Nuys, California, serving the residents of the San Fernando Valley. To learn more about root canal treatments and other dental care options call for your appointment today.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure is performed to save an infected or severely damaged tooth where the root has been exposed. The name comes from the removal of the soft pulp inside the canal of the tooth. If the canal is cleaned early enough, Dr. Snapir can stop the infection, and the tooth can be saved and still last a lifetime with a crown covering it for protection and structural support.

Are root canals as painful as people say?

Many years ago root canal procedures were quite painful, but with modern technology and practices, that is no longer the case. You are more likely to feel more pain from the infection than you are from a root canal.

Dr. Snapir is a proud practitioner of advanced dental techniques. You are guaranteed treatment that is relatively painless, with a recovery time that will allow you to return to your normal day-to-day life in no time at all.

Dr. Snapir can often perform a root canal procedure with just local anesthetics, but you can discuss your needs with him during your consultation.

When is a root canal the right treatment?

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it causes pain, swelling, and inflammation. If the issue isn't treated, there's greater risk of the infection spreading to other teeth and your gums.

A root canal cleans out the infection and seals off the tooth against further infection. You will once again be able to eat and drink as normal once the tooth is protected with a crown.

Will a deep clean or antibiotics remove the need for a root canal?

No. A deep clean can address issues affecting the gums, roots of the teeth, or bones. There is no way to effectively clean the pulp of the teeth without performing root canal surgery. Antibiotics may be necessary to quell the infection, but a root canal is still needed.

Dr. Snapir will only perform a root canal treatment when it is the only way to save your tooth.