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Implant dentistry should be available to you at a cost that is affordable. Dr. Idan Snapir of The Dental Smile Center can provide affordable implant dentistry to restore your confidence and smile. If you live in Van Nuys, California, or in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Snapir has dental implant treatment options to suit your needs. Call for your appointment with Dr. Snapir today.

Implants Q & A

Do I need dental implants?

If you're missing a tooth or teeth, you need something to fill the gap to maintain the structural integrity of your teeth. One missing tooth can be the beginning of a domino effect where multiple teeth can shift and loosen and become in jeopardy.

Your best options for eliminating this risk is a tooth implant. Bridges and partial denture plates can help you avoid some risk, but only a tooth implant will protect your other teeth and eliminate bone loss from your jaw and a receding gum line.
How are implants performed?

First, you will receive the appropriate anesthesia, so the procedure will not be painful.

Dr. Snapir will pull back the gum to expose the jawbone and drill a space in the bone for a post to be secured. Once in place, your gums will be closed, and step one is complete. Now you just need to let your body heal over the next two to three months, and the bone will fuse to the post making it as strong as your other teeth.

When you’re ready, Dr. Snapir will install the abutment into the post. This part will span the gap between your jaw and your gum line and will hold the crown in place. Once the abutment is in place, Dr. Snapir will make an impression to create a crown that matches your bite. A temporary crown will be put into place while your permanent crown is being made.

Finally, you’ll have your crown installed, and your mouth and teeth will be as strong as new. Implants can last a lifetime, but crowns, like your natural teeth need to be cleaned and cared for to avoid gum disease and other problems.


Are dental implants painful?

As with any dental surgery, there is a need for anesthesia. Whether you receive local anesthesia or general anesthesia is something you will discuss with Dr. Snapir when you schedule your procedure.

After the initial surgery, there can be some pain as your jaw and gums heal. Dr. Snapir will make sure you have the appropriate pain medication needed to keep you comfortable.

When Dr. Snapir installs your crown, he makes every effort to ensure your bite is perfect. If there is any discomfort after crown placement is completed call Dr. Snapir Dental Group and they’ll get you in for the quick bite adjustment you need.