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The number one reason people don’t wear their dentures is pain and slippage. Dentures need to be made to fit properly and then adjusted as your gums change, or you can experience painful hot spots. Dr. Idan Snapir is a provider of quality dentures at The Dental Smile Center serving the residents of Van Nuys, California and the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Snapir will help provide you with the right dentures and the adjustments needed so you can wear them comfortably to eat and show your smile once again.

Dentures Q & A

Why would I need dentures?

If you have a missing tooth, or teeth, you need something to fill the gap or gaps to protect the health of your remaining teeth. The best ways to fill these gaps include:

  • Dentures: Full plate
  • Dentures: Partial plate
  • A bridge
  • Implant(s)

The primary decision between dentures and a bridge or implant(s) is price. Dentures are the most cost effective way to have a full set of teeth should either your upper or lower sets of teeth need to be removed. A bridge or an implant will likely cost you more, but they are both lower in maintenance than dentures.

There are two types of dentures – partial or full. Even if you are not missing a full row of teeth, you can still have partial dentures as a restorative dental treatment. Partial dentures are the ideal solution when a bridge or other restorative treatment is not enough to rebuild your smile.

Whatever your choice, Dr. Snapir can provide you with the best quality dentures to perfectly match your bite. If you’ve had teeth pulled, your gums will be swollen at first and as they heal they will create a gap or looseness with your denture. When that occurs, or if you develop hot spots of pain on your gums from chewing, Dr. Snapir will resize your dentures to improve your comfort and their function. When you receive your dentures, you will be provided with an easy to understand guide on how to care for them.

Are dentures an option for younger people?

Your teeth act as supporting structures for your face. If a significant number of teeth are missing, your cheeks and jaw will begin to sink. Having dentures when you are younger is much more preferable to prematurely aging due to a sunken jaw and cheeks.
Will dentures change how I eat and speak?
At first, you may have to get used to them, but soon most people learn to eat and speak as they always have. Using modern dental adhesives to keep them in place will speed up this learning process.